Don't miss Emporion old village, worths paying a visit...

     Emporion village is only 4km away from Perissa. Is the next village you meet on the way to Fira from Perissa. You can reach it with the local bus (5min) or on foot (35-45min). Emporion village is the biggest one in Santorini, inhabited by locals that resident all year around. Not touristic, will give you a glimpse of how the real local life is like.

     There are mainly two settlements, the new one you see next to the main street and the old settlement. To reach the old village, park at the main square of Emporion, and walk up the alley next to the Big Church. Reaching up you will follow the alley to the right, and you are inside the old settlement.

     Emporion was originally built in the medieval times. Is inhabited ever since, and you will notice that all houses are built very close to one another, as a protection from Piracy, as the village is built like a castle. The name Emporion, derived from the greek word "emporio" that means commerce, as in the past this was a very significant trading loation in Santorini.

     Inside the village, seek for the church of "Panagia Messiani", built in 1537 and the castle. But mostly try to get lost inside the beautiful narrow passages and appreciate the unique architecture of the village.

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