December 10, 2013

A traditional Greek Chrismas sweet. The word originates from the Turkish "kurabiye" that means biscuit. (it is very common in Greek Kitchen that we share recipies or names with the Turkish kitchen and vise-versa, this is due to the large amount of Greeks orinigated from Minor Asia and Constantinople that settled in Greece at the early 20th century). 

This buttery yummy yummy cookie, is made with FRESH butter (from goat-sheep milk), flour, almonds,icing sugar and vanilla or mastiha flavour. We want it to be crunchy but soft, melting in the mouth, with buttery taste. The secret is to beat the butter with sugar for at least 20min, to allow it to puff correctly. 

When baked and dry, they are rolled in icing sugar. 

Here is the recipe!!!

300gr butter (real butter not margarine)

120gr almonds 

110gr icing sugar

600gr flour for all uses

25gr black rum

1/2 teaspoon backing powder


Put the butter and the icing sugar in the mixer and beat it for at least 20min untill white and puffy. Then put in the flour and baking powder little by little, and at the end the rum and the almonds crushed in pieces. (not powdered) You must have a dough that is very soft, and a little crumbly. In case it crubles too much and it not possible to make small balls, put in some cold water drop by drop untill you can shape it. 

Shape it to small balls, aproximatley 20gr each and bake in pre-heated oven at 170C for 20 min. (untill lighly golden). Set on rack to cool, and at the end roll in icing sugar. 


Enjoy holiday season with a little piece of Greece!!!


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