The wonderful "Miss Lent"

March 5, 2014

On Monday started the period of Lent. Lent is very important in the Greek Orthodox relegion. It lasts 40 days, and begins on a Monday called "the clean Monday" Traditionaly on the lent period we do not eat anything that comes from animals, such as meat-poultry-milk-butter-fish e.t.c. We are allowed to eat fish only on the 25th of March, another festive date for our relegion.

The period of lent ends on Easter day, this year it will be on the 20th of April. So we have 7 weeks of lent untill easter. In the old days, women used to make "Miss Lent" a small "doll" made of dough, (not eatable) that they would bake and keep into the house. Miss Lent has 7 legs, as the 7 weeks of lenting period, has her arms crossed because she is praying, bears a cross on her haid and has no mouth because she is lenting.

Every saturday morning, the children of the house, cutted off one leg of the doll, and by this way they would count the weeks to Easter day.

This was the first year I ever made Miss Lent, I lost my mum when I was young, so I never recalled to have made it as a child. I thought it was significant for George (my son) who is almost 3, to recall this memory. Of course I had to make mickey and minnie too!!!!! Come on, he is obsessed!!!

This dough is excellent for making shapes e.t.c is very elastic, and when baked turned out to be something like clay.

It was a lovely afternoon to spent with my son!!!




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