Perisa, an excellent base to explore walking trails and hikes up the mountain.

Evizorzia is located very close to the mountain therefore it is easy to walk up. For years now, travellers find it interesting to walk up the trails into the mountain and enjoy the antiquities and the amazing view.

In the following link you will find a google map with two possible hikes you can do very close to the hotel. There are 3 possibilities, to hike up to Ancient Thira archaiological site (50-70min) to hike up to the white church in the mountain (20-30min) or to hike up to the top at monastery Profitis Ilias (at least 2.5hrs difficult hike, not recomended) Eather way, the views are amazing, you will make excellent pictures, and enjoy Santorini wildness.

At the beggining of the trail, there is a donkey station, there are donkeys you can rent to hike for only 10€

A fiew words about Ancient Thira archaiological site.

Open daily, except Mondays, between 08.30 and 15.00, is one of the most significant ancient sites in Santorini. Built between 9th century B.C. and the Christian Times, is one of the few ancient cities, preserved in such extend.  There you will visit the ancient market, temples, an ancient theatre, houses as well as the temple of Carnios Apollo, where they hosted "The Carneans" the most significant feast of the ancient Santorinians. The 180 degrees view over the South part of the island is amazing. Defenately worths your visit. You can reach Ancient Thira from Perissa on the path or from Kamari with a car.

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